Tagaytay 2013

By Marky - 12:57 AM

I've been wanting to go out of Manila for the longest time and thank goodness I have at least one getaway experience to share after my Palawan trip.  For this summer vacation, I decided not to fly and opt for more accessible destinations. April 9 was the perfect day to go to Tagaytay because of the unbearable heat in Manila. I had to leave my house at 5:30 am so we can avoid the heavy traffic in South. So here are some of my favorite moments with my workmates.

Brekky at Mik's house. Lovely and Yummy Cupcakes.


First Stop-Breakfast Buffet at Bag of Beans. Bag of Beans is probably in the list of the most famous restaurant in Tagaytay City offers al fresco dining in order to enjoy the breezy weather in the city. 

The Tapa and the Scrambled Egg with Cheese. :) My Favorite! I will definitely visit Bag of Beans again.

Next Stop-Caleruega.

Caleruega is a house of prayer and renewal. It is located in Batulao in the town of Nasugbu, Batangas. This is a house of prayer wherein you can do activities such as prayer, retreats, team buildings, and perfect place for a wedding. After our brekky we also included to our list of going to Caleruega church. The entrance fee is worth 50 pesos.

Pine trees everywhere! Caleruega is a big place that has a lot of spot that you should visit. It has different chapel that you can have quiet time for praying. Since its my first time here, I wish for something this 2013. hihi. 

Hanging Bridge.

Ootd shoot with Pamela. Thanks Bax!

Next Stop-Cliff House

During our trip, I made sure we checked out Cliffhouse, Tagaytay. It's one of the best place to visit in the city if you wanna see a better view of the famouse Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. 

Next Stop-Picnic Grove

We also went to Picnic Grove which is like one of the popular tourist spot in the city. I've been there several times like High school field trip, family outing etc. The weather was hot! It's significantly colder at night. 

Next Stop-Ukay Ukay

Super happy to shop with my workmates. I got 3 items. I'll post them here soon. 


Last stop-Kim's Home sweet Home.

She prepared Dinner for us. Thanks Bax and also for being our tour guide. 

Pasalubong time. We got the famous Buko Pie.

To end the night, I wish and pray that someday I can go back to Tagaytay with someone very special. To make it more memorable, to make it more special...

Thanks for checking! 

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