Get Over It

By Marky - 8:00 AM

Hello Everyone! My Last trip to the thrift shop was a profitable one. I walked away with affordable and awesome pieces. Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite thrifted finds ever. Yes, for the nth time I'm wearing sweater. I always wanted to be relaxed while working in our cold office so I just wore a loose sweater paired with my Wedge Sneakers from Primadonna. I just love the simplicity with the an overall  clean concept. 

Get Over It. I need to.. 

Primadonna Wedge Sneakers

Watch from Tomato. 

Brthday Celebrants Miks and Jiajia.
Happy Birthday!

My Favorite from Yellow Cab. Thanks Jia and Miks!

Pam and Miks

Carl And Lauren

Me, Ralph, with Niza

Jia and Kim

Card for Miks. Idea from the Birthday Committe myself. hehe

Thanks for checking!

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