Sheer Genius

By Marky - 7:44 AM

April 9 became the awesome day for us. We went to Tagaytay one fine Tuesday morning together with my workmates. It was a great experience, I'm super excited to share some of my favorite photos on my next post. But for now, I'll be sharing what I wore on our trip

Sheer Clothing is by no means a new phenomenon. Since 2006, the sheer trend has dominated fashion runways and was quickly embraced by fashionistas. As it's such an easy trend to adopt, there are a bundle of alternatives from different clothing line made from luxurious textiles to throwaway high street style in imitation silk or chiffon. The greatest advantage of this trend is that it can be incorporated into your wardrobe in several ways from sheer blouses to sheer dresses- to inject sexiness into an outfit without having to reveal too much. 

If you have a sheer blouse in your closet, you may wonder how you can wear this garment without giving the public unintentional revealing show. You can wear a sheer top in a manner either demure or daring. The versatility of sheer textiles should make a sheer blouse a wardrobe staple.

I want to talk about comfort and coolness since the summer wave is now hitting my everyday life. I decided to wear this top I got from Paradox because I wanted to be comfy on our sunny trip. I so love my new sheer top, I paired it with my favorite pair of shorts too. 

Spike Necklace-Fudge Rock

I'm overusing this bag from WORM. 

Arm Bracelets-Tomato & Nava
Ring-Fudge Rock

Thanks for checking guys! Love, Love, Love

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