The bipolar weather is making me lazy to put an effort on my everyday outfit. What I’ve tried this time, is that instead to look more manly by wearing this shirt tucked match with chino shorts I got from Uniqlo. Playing with basics again but by adding accessories like a stylish bag can make a difference on the overall look.

New items again from this post. I love my new polo shirt from F&H, perfect match with my Lacoste bag. You know me already on loving Olive colored items. Also, another pair of loafers I got from our last employee sale. Woohooo

Olive shirt from F&H

Chino shorts from Uniqlo

Bag from Lacoste

Shoes from Bass

I've began to love wearing white more, it makes you look fresher and clean. I got this top from Zara and it's just one of those items where you know you'll repeat it over and over again but styled differently. I've always been afraid to wear white because I'm scared to look 'madumi'. haha. This my first time to owned a pair of white sneakers. If you're considering buying a pair of colored sneakers cause you know, Ber months is here, hence all colored things are in, stop right there. Do go shopping, by all means, just opt for the white sneakers, cause this season is all about being minimal.  Clean cuts. Clean lines. Sporty luxe meets casual effortless and gives birth to chic sophisticated minimal looks.

New items I got from my favorite stores, because I believe it's time to reward myself after all the stress from work. I super love my new white sneakers from Cotton On and trousers from Forever 21.They're comfy and easy to wear. Also, super love my new MMJ tote bag I got from employee sale. Super happy!

White shirt from Zara

Trousers from Forever 21

Tote bag from Marc Jacobs
Watch from Anne Klein
White sneakers from Cotton On

Photographed by Rjay Nobesteros.

One of my favorite things about dressing up for ber months/ fall seasons is layering. Aside from having a great opportunity to play around in mixing and matching pieces, it's also very practical in keeping you warm during cold days. 

Which is why I fell in love with this coat from Old Navy the first time I saw it. Coats are coats. They're great while you're outdoors and should be hung in a closet while you're not. It's always worth having at least one long overcoat that you can reliably wear over shirts, blazers etc. 

I also have to confess that these shoes are the best, from Zara, my favorite during major VM set up. It has been getting a lot of mileage as I have been wearing it almost everyday since I got them.  

"Where are my hands?" HAHA

Glasses from Manila Shoppe. Coat from Old Navy

White shirt from Lacoste and Black pants from H&M

Zara sneakers.

Photographed by Ryan Doria.