Monday, April 21, 2014

Hey Mickey!

Good Evening! I'm still working on some backlogs and now I'm done with my April 11 outfit. I still have 2 more draft posts. Summer just started and it's the perfect time to wear tank tops, bright colors, and shorty shorts. Also perfect time to chill and relax with your friends. Do you have any plans this summer? Getting dressed during summer can be quite a task for me but it's possible to look stylish and be comfortable during this season. Try what I have on here. 

When it comes to fashion, I believe there are no rules. Almost anything can work if you have the right attitude. Again, I'm not really cushy enough on wearing tank tops in the office. Ang laki kasi ng biceps ko. haha. Anyway, good thing I have this H&M sweater I bought long years ago. A perfect cover up when inside the office. 

I really love the Mickey mouse print on my top. Another piece I got from Fudge rock. It made me sing Hey Mickey! Hey Hey Hey Mickey! haha. 
Visit their store at 2nd floor, Fashion Market, Market Market, Taguig City

Top- Fudge Rock
Sweater- H&M

Tote Bag- Oxygen

Pants-Forever 21

Sneakers- Cotton On

Accessories from Fudge Rock and Casio. 

Photographed by Frans Dublin. A well spent Friday with my friends. We went to Bonifacio High Street to have some kwentos with my lovely girls- Lauren and Pamela. Went inside Topshop to check their 50% off sale..until May 4, 2014. 

Dinner at Balducci. Thanks Pam!

Dessert at Cold Stone. My first time here. I ordered my favorite Pistachio ice cream with super sugar cone. 

Cocktails at Good Earth. Whew! A Friday night to remember, I love these two girls. 

By the way, check our Boracay trip with my colleagues here. Thanks for viewing! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boracay 2014 Day 5

PHOTO DIARY- Finally, I've managed to find time to blog about my Boracay trip day 5. Honestly, I had a second thoughts of skipping this one since there are only few photos. But that would be a terribly decision. It was our last day (April 7), and we made the most of it by waking up early and take pictures.

 I’m very happy to have accomplished another task in my bucket list this year, and that is, to take a swim at one of the world’s best islands with super friends. 

Beach Hut smoothie with free refill. Love it!

Lunch at Valhalla Cafe and ordered Christian Meatballs.

Beach hut tumblers from Lau and Me.

We were all happy to be together, on vacation, and on a beautiful island. It was truly the most awesome vacation with friends i've ever had. Thank you Frans, Lau, Ralph, Carl, and Myssa :)

I will miss Boracay! I have plans to go back next year on my birthday with my family. Thanks for viewing!

Boracay 2014 Day 4

PHOTO DIARY- "I will come back to Boracay", that's the promise I told myself last 2012. And I'm happy now that it really happened. I so love this trip with my super friends at work. On our 4th day, We woke up late and missed our free breakfast. So after preparing and all, we went straight to D' Talipapa to enjoy seafood one more time. I really can't think of anything to describe my day 4 in the island. 

Carl, Myssa, Frans

Marky, Lauren, Ralph

Pasalubong for my workmates.

Loco Frio.

Boracay. Beautiful sunset, white-sand beach and crazy parties. For many, it's the ultimate summer destination. Boracay never fails to amaze me, and that's why thousands of tourists from around the globe declared it as one of the world's best beaches. That alone is a good reason to give this destination a try. 

Dinner at Jonah's Fruitshake.