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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hi, here's one of my backlogs from the past month. I just want to share my new shirt and joggers I got from Cotton On and Forever 21. Same as my last post, these pieces are used in time for our VM set up in Pottery Barn Estancia. I really wanted to feel comfortable while working. Sino ba naman ang ayaw diba? HAHA.

I'm not how I used to be when it comes to taking blog photos. I used to always carry my DSLR even if I was going to work or visiting our stores in Central Square and Estancia, just in case I had a photoshoot for the blog. I'm getting lazy and tired carrying my giant dslr, so now I just carry my Samsung note 3 that takes amazing moments of my life plus my ootds.

Here's a quick tip on how to take good Samsung photos and make them instagram ready: It's all about the lighting and the background. My amazing vm staff Angelo took these photos around 2pm when sun was strong. Usually, I like to shoot during the golden hours since the lighting is so pretty and it's the ideal lighting if you're shooting portraits or landscape photos. These photos were taken inside the PB teen store in Estancia, Capitol commons. Very Nice background!!

Shirt from Cotton On

Manila shoppe for my eyeglasses. Forever 21 pants

Zara sneakers.

Thanks for viewing!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

I purchased my first ever Zara sneakers last month and I can not stop wearing them. It's the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own and it works with almost every outfit I put on. The past couple of weeks has definitely been the busiest I've had so far this year. My life has been a series of work, set-up for our new stores in Estancia and series of side projects, all while trying to keep my simple blog updated. 

I also love my new shirt I got from SM youth in time for our VM set up in Estancia. Same as my new sneakers-this shirt allows me to go on the go comfortably, very perfect during set up days. 

Eyeglasses from Manila Shoppe

Shirt from SM youth

Lenovo A7-30

Casio watch plus forever 21 jogger pants

Zara sneakers

Thank you for viewing!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I guess a new outfit post is long time overdue, so here's my new ootd- me again. I'm not sure why but one day I just decided to get back to the basic shirt, chino pants, and mandals combo. This look brings back to my tamad days during my first year as a working boy. 

This is an effortless look which is created using 2 colors and just 3 pieces. My simple maroon Old Navy chino pants paired with a simple Zara black shirt- which is very comfy to wear. Since it's still summer I added some beautiful summery mandals from Hill and Deer. 

Eyeglasses from Manila

Black shirt from Zara

Lacoste Bag

Maroon pants from Old Navy & Hill and Deer mandals

Photographed by Mickey Ongsioco

"Dress minimally, because the world around us is colorful enough"


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