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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy Sunday everyone! Honestly, How the ugliest and the most unflattering pants in the history have crawled back into fashion this 2015. I can call it Mom's pants trend. Why I ended up loving the mom pants trend? Yes! There was no typo there, you read it right. After getting this pants from Zara, I am now considering giving these jeans a try. I will go out with them. Here's what I wore last January 4 during my Auntie Sol's birthday celebration. 

They're incredibly comfortable. The ugliness is the best thing about them, cause no matter what you choose, you know it's gonna look perfect. Also, I used my favorite black hat plus my Zara shirt.

What I'm wearing: Pants (Zara), Shirt (Zara), Hat (Metro), Mandals (Mendrez), Watch (Casio), Beaded bracelet (Baguio).

I also used my very comfy mandals from Mendrez. I think mandals are very perfect for oversize trousers. 

For my accessories, I used my matchy brown watch from Casio and a gold beaded bracelet from my friend, Grace. Thanks Bax!

Photographed by Joanne Mae Jaco.

Thanks for viewing.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey Everyone! I did a quick photo shoot with my cousin last new year's eve. I just want to say sorry for the quality of the photos as I don't know how (until now) to adjust the settings. I actually waited for the new year so I can finally wear my DIY shorts. Just perfect for comfy clothing for our new years tradition at home. 

We all have our very own family gatherings during new year's eve and let's admit it, we all want to dress up and look nice to welcome 2015. I decided to wear something minimal as we just celebrated it at home. 

Acquiring an awesome pair of ripped denim shorts can be expensive- unless you know how to make them yourself. It may require a little patience but it'll be worth it. You just need to prepare a pair of old denim shorts, scissors, cutting board, and tweezers. 

How to:
1. Put the shorts/jeans on and mark how short you want to cut them.

2. Take the shorts off and cut them from the outside seam inwards – making sure to leave a few inches of fabric inside the leg at the crutch. You essentially want them to be longer at the crutch than on the side of the leg.  (Apologies for my use of the word ‘crutch’ – it’s horrible right?- but there was really no way around it).

3. Put the shorts on and check the length and style – you may want to cut a bit more off or alter them slightly. Do this patiently because there’s nothing worse than cutting too much and rendering them unwearable.

4. Once you have the length you want, get out your cutting board.

5. With the front of the shorts flat on the cutting board, use the stanley knife to make a series of horizontal slits about an inch apart. Make sure you move the pocket out of the way to do this.

6. Repeat on the other side.

7. Put the shorts into the washing machine on a normal wash. This should be enough movement to remove a lot of the blue threads between the slits in the front so that you have just the white threads and some gaps showing through. The hem should also have loosened up.

8. Let the shorts dry and then check if you like the style – if you want more cut outs in the front repeat the cutting and washing steps until you are happy.

Reference: google.com

What I'm wearing: Hat (Metro), Shirt (Zara), Ripped denim shorts (DIY), Boots (H&M), Watch (Casio)

Photographed by Joanne Mae Jaco.

Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello everyone! This is my first entry for 2015 as part of my backlogs of 2014 outfit post. How's 2015 treating you so far? I hope, good! I have something to share very very soon. (very sad voice) Anyway, don't you guys love the chilly happening in Manila? Recently Metro Manila has been experiencing unusual cold weather same as last January 2014. I love the strong blowing wind while having my ootd on our rooftop in Makati. Again, I love cold weather just like in Baguio and Tagaytay. 

The last day from a long weekend is rough, especially when the weekend involves parties, sun, and fireworks. While you sit at your computer, trying to wish last weekend back into existence, allow me to lift your January-New year blues with a discussion about stripes. 

I really love my new trousers I got from Zara. This is my first time to wear stripey pants combined with a white shirt. As you all know me, I don't like wearing white. Madumihin! haha. This particular type of stripes can be found in a wide range of stylish designer, from skinnies to wide legs, or straight, one to two colored stripes vertically running down the leg, some even come with classic drawstrings. 

I wore this outfit last December 22 for MGM3 Christmas party held on our Manager's mansion. Check the photos below. Stripes trousers are best with a polo for work, tank for evenings, and T-shirt for weekends or parties like what I have on here. 

Also wearing my new shirt from Zara. It is very comfy since its made of cotton. My hat matches my favorite mandals from Mendrez. 

What I'm Wearing: Trousers (Zara), Hat (Metro), Shirt (Zara), Mandals (Mendrez), Watch (Casio), Planner (CBTL), Phone (Samsung Note 3)

Here are the photos last December 22. Thank you guys!

Thanks for viewing!


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