Let's face it, we are always looking for an item that is relaxed, timeless, and free; These 3 attributes heavily define an ideal wardrobe should be all about. On the days when I don't know what to wear, basics will always be my best friend. But if you're not so keen on wearing your skinny jeans out once more and are looking for a comfortable yet trendy look, wide leg pants are stylish staple. What I'm sharing you right now are my new items I got from Marks and Spencer.

High waisted wide leg pants can seem particularly challenging for men. haha. Instead of tucking a fitted top, which is a bit boring, try a shrunken shirt. Look for tees that hit just below the waist, giving a casual but still pulled together look. There is nothing more comfortable than relaxed-fitting pant; from slouchy and couch-comfy to timeless and chic. 

Eyeglasses from Manila Shoppe

Shirt and Denim wide leg pants from Marks and Spencer

Clutch from Muji

Watch from Casio. Mandals from Hill and Deer.

Photographed by Ryan Doria. Thanks for viewing.

It has been quite awhile since I posted a blog. I am back and I will be posting another look to inspire you all beautiful fashionistas out there but today I wanted to share you guys my new look and outfit wore yesterday. I'm anything but a minimalist when it comes to my wardrobe, so I'm always fascinated by magical people who can look awesome with so little. Let's talk about my new light wash jeans I got Marks & Spencer. Light wash denim has floated in the world of fashion for quite some time now. In the past years they have gained a bit of a reputation as mostly negative fashion choice (hindi ko alam kung bakit). But light wash denim is now undergoing something of a style revival. It is more desirable, more acceptable, and more stylish. 

I think this kind of outfit is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with some more daring colors and patterns. I love the stripey patterns on my jeans and It's a great piece to mix with plain black shirt. The mix of light wash denim and black hues feels as fresh as ever. 

Eyeglasses from Manila Shoppe
Black from Zara

Classic watch from Casio
Light wash jeans from Marks and Spencer

Bag from Lacoste
Mandals from Hill and Deer

Light wash jeans are less common that the darker washes and look refreshingly different on the man who knows how to style them well. Jeans are considered to be the one pant that goes with everything, but a light wash does out a few limitations on wearing jeans. The most important points to remember are that faded jeans are inherently more casual; they do look with deep colors; and they look more appropriate when in warmer weather. 

Thanks for viewing. Photographed by Rjay Nobesteros.

If there's one item that can elevate my look here, it's my new wallet from Marc Jacobs. I am obsessed with this wallet and finally able to change my old one from Mango. I love the black and white color matching my black and white outfit. And while I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs, their shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories. EVERYTHING!

Take a look at my outfit that is a simple black and white ensemble, I still love the summery feel and thank God of the good weather in Estancia last July 4. Wearing my favorite Zara shirt and White Marks and Spencer's shorts I got from employee sale.

Zara shirt
Marks & Spencer shorts

Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet
Anne Klein watch

Manila shoppe eyeglasses
Hill and Deer sandals

Photographed by Rjay Nobesteros.