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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Normcore, is the newest fashion term of 2014. The word normcore is like the word hipster, nobody seems to fully understand it and everybody has a different definition for it. I bet all of us have lazy days, those days wherein we are too lazy to dress up like what I wore last Tuesday in the office. Since it's my last day, I chose to wear comfy clothes and new mandals. 

For days where you're running around office, you need to be comfortable. Mandals, being made of less material, will keep your feet much comfy during the day. So I finally got myself a new pair of mandals from Mendrez. I like it wearing on a lazy day. I love mixing and matching inconspicuous basics to create low key outfits.

What I'm wearing: Hat (Metro), Sweater (Surplus Shop), Pants (Uniqlo), Mandals (Mendrez, Clutch (SM Department Store), Watch (Casio)

The sweater I got from Surplus shop. I can't help myself to get another color. Maybe Maroon or White? Pants from Uniqlo.

I'm wearing my favorite hat again from Metro Market Market. Black pants from Uniqlo. Classy watch from Casio.

Finally got a chance to use my simple clutch from SM department store. 

Photographed by Pamela Pauline.

Had my last lunch with the team at Yellow Cab, Mckinley Hill. Thanks guys! 

Here are some photos last Tuesday. Surprise Marky! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Cap-DAS. I will miss you guys so much. 

Thank you for this Magazine/ Scrapbook with my idol on the cover. I really appreciate all the sweet messages. Thank you and I love you guys. 

Sharing my farewell message to everyone.

Thanks for viewing. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

You are probably thinking what is this all about, but definitely it's not what you think. It's not about the Off The Grid restaurant in Mckinley Hill, but as a 'background' on my new outfit of the day. Let me share now my new shirt I got from SM Youth. This shirt is very light-free in a jersey fabric, so no sweat inside. But I didn't buy the shirt because of that, I bought it because of its print. I really love it! 

What I'm Wearing: Hat (Cotton On), Shirt (SM youth), Jeans (Mango), Kicks (Addidas), Bag (Oxygen), Watch (Casio)

You would've probably seen in my past blog post that I usually wear black chinos but this time I preferred to wear a pair of black jeans. I just like to mix things up and keep on trying out new styles that would suit myself. Very manly outfit on a Friday. Whew, I only have 2 remaining days in Factset. Waaaah!!

Addidas ZX 750

Camouflage cap from Cotton On and Shirt from Tee Culture.

Watch from Casio and Pants from Mango.

Photographed by Pamela Pauline. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hey! Before I share our Rewards and Recognition and Encore anniversary photos, let me share first my outfit last Thursday. I used my new sweater I got from Surplus Shop, first item I got from that store. One of the basic for smart casuals is making use of knitwear. Knitwear is a  great way to add some warmth and another dimension to your smart casual looks in bipolar weather. Patterned polo like what I have on here in a traditional hue is a safe option to pair with black sweater. Patterned polos bring personality into a look and can be balanced out with more classic pieces elsewhere if you're concerned about going over the top. Also, loafers work well with this look.
What I'm wearing: Sweater (Surplus Shop), Polo (Wharton), Eyeglasses (LCM), Pants (Uniqlo), Shoes (W.Brown), Watch (Casio), Samsung Case (Metro)

Photographed by Lauren Montoro
Here are some of the photos from our R&R Q4 FY 2014.
Best FLA AM- Pam Sukakim
Best FLA PM- Lionel Joseph

Best RA AM- Marky Bassig
Best RA PM- Kat Centeno

Best QCA- Mart Sio

The One Award AM-Kevin Steinbach

The One Award PM-Miggy Corcuera

Friendship Award AM-Lauren Montoro

Friendship Award PM-Camille Coderon

Awesomeness Award AM-Mack Filio

Awesomeness Award PM-Mauricio Melendez III

Man of the Quarter-Miggy Corcuera

Woman of the Quarter-Irah Arbois

Finally! Before I leave, I was able to get this important award from Capital Structure-DAS. Thank you :)

Singing "Happy" by Pharell Williams during our anniversary concert in Factset. haha.

Grace, Pamela, and Marky.

Thank you Encore! See you again.


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