Thursday, April 17, 2014

Boracay Day 3 + Pub Crawl

 PHOTO DIARY- So here's our third day in the island. Wake up, get brunch, sit on the beach, get lunch at fancy restaurants, get pictures, and swim a little bit. That's all you have to know- Boracay life. After breakfast, we went straight to the beach to feel the breeze and enjoy the day.

Carl and Myssa.

Frans and Marky.


Lunch at Jammers. 

On our way to our first activity- Flyfish.

Flyfish is an exciting ride as you are pulled along by a speedboat while riding a huge inflatable fish. We availed the flyfish experience for Php 500 only. Exciting!

To this date, I still can't believe I did flyfish when I was in Boracay. And to be honest, I had no clear idea on how this activity is done. Ralph refused to join us, duwag! haha. After we settled everything, we hopped on the flyfish craft and I was placed in front leftmost. Jusko! haha

When the speedboat started speeding up, we immediately hold on to the handles so as not to fall. But all of us fell. And my life vest loosen off. Good thing it was never entirely removed.This is my second life. Kalerks!


After the activity, we realized how tiring it was. But it was really exciting and super mind blowing. Falling from the craft is another great experience. I realized that if no one fell, the activity wouldn't be as exciting as how we see it now. Sobrang enjoy! 

Dinner at Crystal Sand. 

So it was our third night in the beautiful island of Boracay. Ralph asked us to join Boracay pubcrawl, one of the best night activities one must try when in the island. Boracay pubcrawl is a group party that brings together different people. Make new friends and experience full Boracay party. To join, you have to pay Php 690 for girls and Php 790 for boys- it includes a shot glass, baller, and a free shirt. 

Myssa, Carl, Abi, and Marky.

That's all for Day 3. Thanks for viewing. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boracay Day 2 + Club 10 Hotel

PHOTO DIARY- Hello There! Here's our 2nd day experience in Boracay. As promised, our hotel plus beach photos. We booked Club Ten Hotel as early as November last year and availed the family room. The room is perfect for a group, or family. With 4 queen bed, flat screen TV, bathroom, refrigerator, and kitchen sink. Complete! I think the worst part is the bathroom- the water pressure in the shower really sucked- like kainis! 

It was nice to stay closed to the beach. It took just around 3 minutes of walking to the main beach. Ang galing kong pumili ng hotel. haha

Our room. Family room that costs Php 3000 per night. 

Free Breakfast!

After breakfast we went straight to the beach.. 

Grecian Sandals from Primadonna.

For our lunch, we tried D'Talipapa. 

We played Slurred. Jusko! ang lakas makalasing. 

Dinner at Sea Gaia. I ordered Ramen for Php 190 only.

That's all for Day 2! Thanks for viewing.