I purchased my first ever Adidas jacket last summer and I can not stop wearing them! It’s the most comfortable jacket ever. Perfect match with my Adidas shirt and Zara sneakers. Hope you like it! See you again soon.

Photographed by Nigel Sisante

Hope you guys are doing well. The past couple of months has definitely been one of the busiest I’ve had so far this year. My life has been a series of projects, one after the other, alongside a full time job, all while trying to keep my blog relevant and updated. Naks! Haha. I'm currently arranging our Cebu trip for next week. I am still thinking which hotel to book. I'm kinda excited with this trip with my 'bestfriend' wooohooo
Styled this classic Denim on Denim look. It can be tricky to wear double denim sometimes but here is my take on that. I love wearing my new Terno I got from Uniqlo. 

Photographed by Raymond Yuzon

 Hey! I know it’s been a long while since my previous post, and as per usual- life is busier than ever! But hey, it’s all good! I’ve been working on the fall floorset of Pottery Barn for two stores and I can't wait to share it with you guys. Now, I'll be sharing my new outfit I wore last Tuesday.

I remember growing up how much I used to hate wearing any type of sweater that my mom used to lay out for me. I felt it made me look like a tiny bug about to explode. You could spot me from a mile away, in my always so colored and bright patterned Christmas themed sweaters even when Christmas was long way ahead, scratching my neck from the itching fabric like what I'm wearing here. I really love the print of the sweater I got from Brook Brothers. It looks like old patches from different old clothes. haha.

What I'm wearing: Brook Brothers sweater; Zara Bag, H&M pants, Bass loafers
Photographed by Milcah Sugpatan