Double Denim

Double Denim is a trend that has been around for decades and it's one that won't be going anywhere anytime soon.So many people think that double denim is an absolute no no, however, when it's done right, it can look amazing! When it comes to double denim, less isn't more in my judgment. If you are wanting to try out this trend and are unsure on how to style it. t's very easy. One of the most important things to know about wearing double denim is that your shades of blue don't have to match. in fact, I think it keeps the look more interesting when lighter denim is paired with a darker wash. Throw on a pair of lighter jeans, a basic tee, and a dark denim jacket for a two toned look that will actually appear fashionably put together like what I have on here. 

Denim Jacket from Bershka

Forever 21 jeans

Cotton On Sneakers

Marks & Spencer white basic tee

Photographed by Rjay Nobesteros

Green Terno x 5 Mantras for 2016

I want to do something different this 2015. Instead of reflecting on what has happened this past year. I want to look forward while embracing the past years. 2015 was a year of no resolutions for me, and this propensity will continue well beyond that. I am at a point in my life where I am quite honestly making crazy resolutions that I can't keep simply because I wasn't too invested into them in the first place. It's about time to wrap things up.

1. Go Slowly

With everything. Talking. Eating. Taking a shower. I noticed when I was super stressed out about things, I had a tendency to run around like a lunatic, doing several things at once, often times having to re-track my steps because I was so distracted that I left several things out. Now, whenever I feel like I'm rushing to get things done, I slow down my pace, take a deep breath, and take my time with whatever it is I am rushing to do.

2. Travel More

When it comes to planning a trip, it can seem all a bit too much whether it is the large amounts of research, saving as much money as you can, or changing your lifestyle slightly to help reach your goal. Ang hirap mag plano. My highschool friends are planning to go on a short trip on holy week, maybe a beach trip at Panglao, Bohol. Also, our first out of the country trip on May. Sana matuloy!

3. Be kind

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

4. Keep your head up and your heart open

I repeated this over and over again after my past sentiments. After being with the same person for over 20 years, I quickly realized that this kind of thinking wouldn't get me far. I trusted myself that If I just kept my head up and my heart open, good things would come into my life. By actually keeping your head up, smiling at people as they walk by, and keeping aware of your surroundings, you may notice something or meet someone that you potentially could have missed had your head been down. 

5. Establishing a better relationship with yourself

Fairly certain that this is very universal thing-we are our own critics. Our minds have this great ability to pick everything that we do and do not do. Judgement and dissatisfaction all come the same place and it's a rift that only grows more substantially as we continue into adulthood. It's only when we become self aware that we can break this seemingly endless cycle. 

Green terno by yours truly.
 Zara Mandals
Lacoste Bag

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Markedshop: Year End Blog Sale

Hello. Another closet sale from MarkedShop. If you want something or need to inquire, check the items at Instagram: markedshop. If you want the item comment "RESERVE" and it'll be considered as sold. Text/ Viber 09173104193. Please include the number of item/s. 

1. Meet up points Central Square/ Jupiter St/ Estancia Mall

2. No shipment

3. For items below 50 pesos. Minimum of 3 Items

4. If you need photo of items when worn, Just ask.

5. In every P500 purchase, you will get 1 free item of your choice.

I. Accesories- All 50 pesos each

Cotton On

Trendphile Manila


Androgyne Manila


II. Bags. Tote Bag-60 each / 3 pcs for 150 pesos only

III. Bags from HK. All 120 pesos each

IV. Sweaters & Jackets. All 100 pesos each

Forever 21. Fits S-L (For Women)

Oxygen. Size L. Fits S-L

MYX. Size L. Fits S (For Men)

Oxygen. Fits S-L 

Forever 21. Fits S-L (For Women)

Forever 21. Fits S-L

Crivi. Size L (For Men)

Gap. Fits S-L

MYX. Fits S (for Men)

RRJ. No zipper. Fits S-L

Blazer. Fits M-L
V. Pants/ Trousers

SM Youth. Size 28 (for Men)

SM Youth. Size 28 (for Men)

Oxygen. Size 28 (For Men)

Mango super skinny jeans. Size 2 (For women)

Zara trousers. Size 27 (for women)

Forever 21. Size 27 (for women)

Oxygen straight cut jeans. Size 28 (for men)

VI. Shirts. All 50 pesos each

VII. Tops/ Shirts. All 100 pesos each

Oxygen. Fits S-L (for women)

Bench. Size M

Pierre Marie. Fits S-M. (for women)

Forever 21 high low top. Fits S-L

HK Polo shirt

Forever 21. Fits S-L

Paradox high low top. Fits M-L

Folded & Hung. Fits S-L

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