Animal in Me

By Marky - 6:57 AM

You usually only see guys at the gym wearing muscle tees, which are just regular shirts with the sleeves cut off. But WE can definitely wear these as well. Since it's summer time already, Muscle tees are so "In" right now. Since it's the trendy outfit this season. It would be perfect for any sunny day trips with those plain shorts and sunnies. Again, Since it's beyond hot here in Manila even in Bulacan, I decided to wear things that would keep me cool and comfy. 

Animals on my Top and Bag. Animals in me. hehe

Don't you just love this cap with spikes? I got it from Trendphile Manila last February. Matching with my Muscle tee from Forever 21.

ewww. Ang laki ng braso ko. Seerreyy!

Emi sandals from Golddot and Bag from WeGarage. Love the items!

My new sunnies from SM department store. Love the new pieces I bought last Saturday. 

Cuff from Trendphile

Arm party-Tomato Accessories

We celebrated Easter Sunday at Paradise Adventure Camp, Bulacan. My mom's company mini team building.Now, I can call her as SuperMom since she can still do some physical activities in spite of her age, hehe. I'm super sure na nag-enjoy siya. check some photos here..

Awww. I miss Bus trips.


Whew! Hot much. 

Hope you like it! Thanks :)

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