Leather Weather

By Marky - 6:47 AM

I was feeling a little lazy so I just wore my casual top and shorts combo but this time with stockings underneath and my new leather vest with sheer details. It's my first time to wear stockings, Black Stockings are great for giving the illusion of slimmer legs. The stockings I have on here are from Burlington.

The trend is back for leather vests and jackets. Sometimes putting together an outfit that has leather is hard to mix and match. Styling and wearing a leather vest can be tough when one wants to wear the leather vest casually, semi-formally, or formally. I chose to be heavy head to toe rock and roll look. This is about leather done as easy and breezy as one would expect as we had into warmer, sunnier times.

Some leather vest now a days are not real leather which is great for people who do not want to wear real one like me. Leather vest can go great with many outfits, plus they are quite stylish as well. I love my new vest with sheer details at the back. 

I'm also wearing my favorite spikes baseball cap from Trendphile.

Accessories-Tomato & Nava

Hydra Boots-Golddot

Thanks for checking! Do not forget, be yourself, don't be frightened, and be creative. 

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