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I am not Bipolar, I guess? Haaay. 
When I was younger, I thought that the best way to dress for the hot weather was with tank top and shorts. In my mind, having a minimal amount of cloth on would automatically make me feel cooler in the heat. What I didn't realize at the time was the key of keeping comfy and cool was not about the amount of material but the weight of a material. I have changed my summer style from tank top to a chiffon blouse. But beyond the convenience for the weather, a chiffon top can add an element of sophistication to any outfit plus the color I have which is Black. 

Black Clothing symbolized the absence of light and life. But in modern times, wearing these color has little to do with your style. Black is a very unique color and there is something sophisticated about and also quite an eye catcher when it is worn and styled beautifully. Wearing an all black outfit isn't just a way to look thinner but it can also be super sophisticated. All Black ensemble can give you a fierce look and elegance. The best way to wear black is often to add just a splash of contrast color to give your outfit a bit of comfort. These photos were taken last Saturday. Congratulations to all the winners of Q2 Rewards and Recognition.

Chiffon Top-Oxygen
Pants-Forever 21
Shoes-Forever 21

Spring/Summer 2013's Black and Gold trend is like a gift from heaven to me. I love Black and Gold so much. I'm sure you've noticed that. 

Yes! I'm overusing my Black and Gold Accessories. 
Tomato, Mura Dito, Forever 21, and Fudge Rock

New Black and Gold Necklace from SM Department Store. 

Black and Gold sunnies from SM Department Store

Thank you!

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