CSR: Home for the Elderly

By Marky - 7:57 AM

It was such a wonderful experience to be with Lolos and Lolas at Little Sisters of the Poor San Lorenzo Home for the Elderly in Pasay. I went there fine Saturday morning together with FactSet workmates. It was my second time to visit Home for the Elderly, first was in 2005 with my CAT officers somewhere in Laguna. 
I miss my Grandparents, I give credit to them for having raised me as a beautiful and loving individual. hehe. I am what I am today because I grew up with unconditional love and kindness with them and parents. That's why I thought that joining the CSR would make me experience that warmth again. Whenever I saw them smiling and the eagerness to meet us and spend time with us, my heart fluttered. The happiness on their faces are so priceless. 

Theo, Raymond, and Marky

Pinoy Henyo with the Lolos and Lolas :) 

Gorgeous Lola (Lola Alice) and Lolo (Lolo Bernabe). Congratulations po. 


Pam & Kat

Christian & Me

with Farah and Theo

I thank God for people who consistently helping our elderly. The Donors, Servants, and volunteers who are willing to help and share their time, talent, and treasure to the abandoned elderly. 

Thanks for checking :)

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