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A fresh new post. I'm super excited to share with you my outfit last Friday. After a long wait, finally got a new Supra pair. Ang tagal ko nang hinihiling magkaroon ng Supra. Super Happy!I got these last I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar from Php 6400 to Php 1500 only. Great steal right? I really like the way they look and feel. I think it's a perfect color combination, Royal and Orange are definitely eye catching colors. It goes with everything, I will definitely buy more styles.

Supra Shoes, Wow the world! The most most unique design, cool, and stylish. In addition to fashion, it is more becoming popular among fans of Justin Bieber. Bieber quickly became an icon in the culture of skate shoes in the world, he created some of the highest quality skate shoe styles. Supra Skytop shoes maximum power that you have comfort, style, and durability. I think it's so hot like Nike, even hotter! haha

Forever 21 top

SM Accessories Necklace

Casio Watch/ Wear Mauve Arm Candies/ Tomato Bracelets

Supra Skytop Shoes

Les Bagles with workmates.

Styling Kim on her shoot with her new Instax 7s

Polaroid Pictures

Instant photography is not just a piece of history and should not to be eliminated. Fujifilm had planted a new life in instant photography successfully with Instax camera series. Now we're not only to experience the magic of instant photography, but it's also a part of our daily life. For the complete specs and features, check this:

Banapple. Oh my! Memories. Gosh. 

Photos by Pamela Pauline
Thanks for checking! Happy Monday everyone. 

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