DIY: Backless Shirt

By Marky - 7:10 AM

I don't know what to wear on a Friday so I decided to do a Backless Shirt. This is actually a shirt from my Dad. Hindi niya alam na ginawa ko 'tong Backless! lol. Whenever I'm totally not in the mood to choose my clothes for the day and everything I put on looks very awful, I have extra shirts/ clothes that I can reinvent. After sifting through the boring shirts I own, a reconstructed tee DIY just needed to be done. A backless tee is perfect for night parties or even a day on the beach. No sew needed, just be creative and resourceful. Below are the steps in creating the Backless Shirt:

YRYS sweater

Mango Pants

Nava, Tomato, Mura Dito, Trendphile accessories

SM accessories and Ropa Necklace

Golddot Wedges

What You need:
Sewing Shears
Tape Measure

Cut the end of the sleeves

Cut the end of the shirt

Cut the middle back of the shirt

Use Blade in creating small holes

Hook the chains

Finish product! haha. It's very easy. Try to do it yourself.
Thanks for checking

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