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The word 'expectation' can carry both negative and positive connotations. Expectations can be bad or great, but they are always bad for me. Expectation for me, means expecting something to happen based on what happened in the past or happening right now. If your expectations of something are negative, well then that sucks and won't make you happy. But even if your expectations are good, hmmm, well then that isn't a positive thing either. Like what happened this month, a lot of expectations. Haaaaay :( I have learnt it that expecting things from people is a never ending process that goes on and on without actually considering the fact that how much I get hurt when these are not fulfilled. Sorry. I don't know why I'm discussing about Expectations. haha. Moving on, I'm happy to share with you guys my outfit last Saturday. 

I am wearing a leopard print again! I'm literally obsessed with leopard prints at the moment. I just find it goes with a lot that I like to wear and adds a great spice to a simple look. I love these trousers, I got it for only Php 799.oo in Cotton, Greenbelt. These are completely out of my comfort zone so I am happy at how comfortable I feel in them and how much my friends likes it too. 

Top: Paradigm Shift Clothing

Necklace: Fudge Rock and Oxygen

Accessories: Tomato

Drapey pants: Cotton On

Sandals: Topshop

I love my new Topshop baby. Comfy! 

Thank you for checking. Just keep your expectations in control by simply making yourself happy. Happy Sunday! 

Photos by: Pamela Pauline

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