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Happy Wednesday Everyone. It's May 1-Labor Day. No Work. No Crushy. haha. 
After almost two months of being so confused, bad times at work, sadness, lack of motivation etc..Ugh!..tired just writing these down, But you know what? It does feel good to be back on track, as a new Marky unfolds and accept Change. Change is the only permanent thing in the world. Eat healthy, be kind, work harder, have fun, be brave, understand more, take myself less seriously, yet be serious and professional at all times, meet new people, spot better opportunities. Let's make the best of it.

I think you noticed by now that I'm not too fond of fashion rules and I do encourage freedom and dressing to your mood, feeling comfy, and having fun while matching and mixing styles. And I do tend to put the same style for work, while keeping in mind that it has to look professional. Having said that don't be afraid to step out of the box, like what I wore last Monday. Chiffon top with Blazer plus new flats from Parisian. Classy Combo!

Chiffon Top-The Ramp
Pants-Forever 21
Shoes-Rajo for Parisian
Bag-Fashion Cravings
Bracelets-Tomato, Forever 21, & Mura Dito

We celebrated Ralph's 23rd birthday last April 29. Thanks for the Pizza and enjoy our gift. haha. Wish you all the best. Check some funny photos! Dapat part ng gift namin pero hindi gumana yung camera ko sa TC. :( So here na lang.. haha

Miya, Ralph, and Marky

Irah, Pamela, and Jiajia




Carl, Mix, and Ben

Happy Lunch with AM people.

Birthday Boy!

Baaaaby! hahaha

Yung totoo Ralph, Anong Magazine yan??? LOL.

Thanks for checking!!!

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