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What a busy week it has been! A late post, Better late than never. haha. The Election 2013 are here. The counting has began and the results were finally heard. Are you guys happy with the results? Kalerkey. This is what I wore last May 13-Election Day!

How to wear print on print? When it comes to grievous trends, the art of mixing prints is at the top of the intimidating list. Print clash is among the hottest fashion trends, but this year it's getting bigger-the floral, aztec, and tribal prints are always a joy to play with. Once you master the art of mixing and matching, your options for potential outfits in your closet will wildly increase. All here are old clothes, I promise it's worth the challenge, all you have to do is start mixing. Check some of the tips..


Accessories-Tomato and NAVA

My overused Sandals from Golddot

Top-Androgyne Manila
Pants-SM GTW

My favorite print. Tribal

  • Start bold. The first step to building your ensemble is finding the star piece, whether it be a loud floral skirt or a leopard printed blazer, use this piece as your jumping off point.
  • Mixing polka dots and stripes is one of the easiest ways to achieve a mixed look. For those of you who are still a bit weary these are the patterns for you. Stick with black and white for a classically chic ensemble and add a dash of color with a killer bag or pair of heels.
  • Choose a color family. Similar colors and palettes will help blend your prints, while still making a statement. If your pieces don't share a color within their respected prints, similar backgrounds, like brown, black, white, or grey, become extra important.
  • Scale is key. Once you have your larger, bold print, be sure to pair it with a smaller, less dominate print. Two prints of equal scale will give your ensemble an overwhelming appearance and could be unpleasing to the eye.
  • Avoid three. I always suggest limiting your mixing to two patterns. You don't want to go overboard. If your look calls for a third piece, go with a white blouse or a simple cardigan to tone down your prints.
  • Accessorize accordingly. The right accessories can be the key to breaking up your ensemble. Try using solid colored items to tie your ensemble together like an oversized clutch or a belt.
  • Try texture. If you're too nervous to mix your prints, try a more subtle approach by mixing different textured pieces, like a ruffled blouse with a lace skirt.

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