Once you fall in love with Paisley

By Marky - 7:34 AM

Paisley print is a print that spanned the ages. It is indeed a timeless fabric, now seeing the reincarnation by today's designers. What is paisley print exactly? Basically, paisley print reminds me a twisted teardrop or 'Persian Pickles'. According to my research , the print is believed to be of Indian origin, but the name paisley originates from the town of Scotland-town of Paisley. Woooooh. Nice to know..

Paisley is a busy pattern that adds vivid interest to an outfit. However, if you are going to wear this print, make it the only pattern in your outfit. Like what I have on here, I paired it with a solid black pants for work. I love the vintage looks!

These days, it seems the smaller the better when it comes to bags..I love my new simple and classic clutch from SM department store. I got it for only Php 319.00 from 399.00. Woooo Surprise discount!

Neckalce from Piesa

Shoes from Rajo Laurel for Parisian

Not only Paisley prints are trendy, they are so beautiful,  fab, and classic. If you haven't gotten any item with paisley print, I would say, give it a try!! It could be just a top, tie, or even a scarf. Once you fall in love with Paisley, you will not able to say 'NO" to more paisley items in your fashionista's wardrobe. 

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