I'm not Jealous

By Marky - 7:20 AM

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to make someone happy by just loving them. It's not enough. This is something I learned through years but have never totally accepted yet. I'm not jealous, I just don't like that b-itch!. haaaay. 

Somewhere, right this very moment, someone is having more fun than you, Making more 'kilig' than you. Doing something more important  with better people, and a happier ending, than you. And somewhere, right now, something in your universe isn't right. There's something happening that will affect you, annoy you, make things not all right. Okay, I admit. I get jealous when others flirt with you...There...I said it. haha. Shocks, naluluha talaga ako while writing this post. haha. babaw much? I don't mean to bring you guys down on a such a beautiful Monday so I'll end it there for now. So here's my outfit last Friday. 

I want to wear the latest trends bu I'm not sure if they'll work on me. Not all the trends out there are easy to put together. Cut-outs, This trend is a whole lot of sexy and makes most as party attire. When we talk about cut-outs, it literally means a cut piece in the clothing itself like what I have here. On the first 2 photos, I paired it with strong necklace I got from Metro, Market Market.

My Favorite Snakeskin Bag-Folded and Hung

Silver Necklace-Metro, Market Market

Random Accessories
 Tomato- Spikes and Silver 
MuraDito-Black and Gold 
Amanda's Place- Black and Silver
Ring-Fudge Rock


Good thing I have friends like them. Thanks guys. Still a Happy Friday.

Miks, Pam, Lauren, and Marky at Starbucks, McKinley. Free upsize.

Evil Dead with workmates at Greenbelt, Makati

Dinner at Sakura, Glorietta

Oyako Roll.

Thanks for checking. Feeling good now. haha

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