Greener Pastures

By Marky - 6:53 AM

Greener Pastures-a better and more exciting job or a better situation. For the past months, I'm seeking for the best! I had a lot of interviews and finally had an interview at the school that I'm studying now and still hoping for the best. Hanggang dun lang muna. hehe.

Last Monday, I enrolled myself in a Fashion Styling course at School of Fashion and the Arts in Buendia, Makati. Ms. Marina Benipayo will be our mentor for the whole semester. Wooo. Workloads! But I'm so excited to learn more in Fashion Styling and Marketing. I really hope that I can still manage to balance all my responsibilities for both work and studies. Also, I would like to thank my parents for supporting me here. Sobra Sobra! haha. The student orientation will be on June 7 and the start of my class will be on the 15th. Woooo..

Finally, I'm able to share my favorite outfit so far. So before I go to bed, let me share with you what I wore last Friday in the office. 



Emi Sandals-Golddot

Bag-Tops and Bottom
Random Accessories-Wear Mauve, Nava, Bracelets from Boracay and Palawan


I really love color Green, not only that I love the effect of my polo with my polka necklace. This is also my first time to wear printed pants which I got from Human. A scene stealer so I just used a plain top and a black sandals matching with the inner top from Oxygen. I already have a nice printed pants and statement bag and also the necklace, I think all of these are the attention grabbers I need. 

Thanks for checking!

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