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By Marky - 7:35 AM

Hello everyone. I spent my Tuesday working, laughing with workmates, and meeting the new hires. Yes, we have new hires on our department. I'm excited to meet them, and I hope one of them can join the AM people. I'm so happy to see my crushy today. He's so charming! hahaha. Charming talaga? lol. Anyway, I just want to share this outfit and tips on how to wear fringe skirt. 

If there is something that I will be able to wear inspired by the 70s trend is the Fringe skirt. I personally don't think that this trend is wearable unless you are attending a grand ball or  a costume party, but the fringed skirt worn outside the 70s context can be quite and spice up a simple top and shoes. Let the fringe do the talking. A simple top and shoes can compliment the skirt. It is a real eye catcher especially when you shake it.  What I have is from DuManille which I bought last November, it's the same skirt I wore last holiday party. DuManille's collection goes deeper and edgier with plays of textures and fabrics-setting the mood for those who are not afraid of taking chances when it comes to style.

Green Blouse-Folded and Hung
Hair Colour-Loreal


Necklace-Fudge Rock

Accessories-Topshop, MuraDito, and Tomato

So if you are looking for a fringe skirt, I think you should start checking out Forever 21 as they probably have the best selection out there. Thanks for checking!

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