Beach Mind

By Marky - 8:00 AM

Summer is here! and I wanna go to the beach! Hmmm..Wear your tank top, shorts, sandals and don't forget your sunblock. haha. As if i'm at the beach on my photos. I'm ready to wear some dashing summer outfits like what I wore last May 1st. What's on my mind right now? Beach. The beach mind is there to enjoy the actual experience of being at the beach in an active way-I'm excited to our Team building and Family outing. The beach mind doesn't have to be perfect, doesn't have to be obsessed with minimizing its presence. The beach mind wants to have a damn day at the beach.  In my magical imagination, I can see sand, islands, starfish, shells, and boys (hahaha) all over the place getting out with my swim wear, hanging out at the beach or the pool or whatsoever. And it's awesome. 

I don't know how I came up with this outfit. I just grab this vintage denim vest at my mom's closet. Again, I wanted to be cool and comfy. 

My Favorite sunnies from i2i

This tote bag is very perfect this season from Wegarage

Arm party from Wearmauve

The last time I wore these pair is when I celebrated my birthday in Palawan last December 2012. 
Irah Sandals-Golddot

Denim Vest-Mom's Closet
Tank top-Androgynemanila
Necklace-Forever 21
Shorts-Forever 21

Again It's summer time, It's hot. Let's have some fun with that. So if can't go right now..Beach Mind. Imagine and Love. :)


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