Happiness Forever

By Marky - 7:44 AM

Hey! I just want to share my new sweater I got yesterday from Market Market. I love the refreshing colors! My favorite outfit this season are warm and comfortable. I always put a high priority on looking fashionable but for everyday outfits warmth and comfy come first. My architectural pattern sweater is stretchy, making it comfortable and totally adorable. 

I used my favorite backpack from Hongkong added cuteness to my refreshing sweater. 

Perfect shoes for this outfit is my Forever 21 flats. From cute to edgy. Why not? hehe

Happy Birthday Christian! We surprised him with a birthday cake from Conti's with my awesome workmates. I'm super happy to make someone happy in my own simple way especially my friend Chris! We are not that close to be called best friends but I know that he is a good person, so hindi sayang ang effort ko. I was in a hurry that time to prepare all the things like the letter, candles, etc but my workmates helped me a lot on this one. Thank you guys! 

Thanks for checking! Good night.

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