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The weather has been quite a challenge for me lately as it's been raining more often. I shouldn't be surprised, a bipolar weather here in the Philippines. When the 'Ber' month started I have this constant battle of warmth vs. comfy outfits. Is there anything better than a 2 in 1 outfit, warmth and comfort. Yes! You can see it on my outfit.

 I have forgotten I purchased this top years ago. Maybe I've worn it once only in college and never saw it again in my closet. I'm happy that it's still in good condition however I want to do something on this old shirt. There are plenty of ways to transform an old shirt into whatever you want it to be. For this, I cut the bottom part and replaced by chiffon to make it more comfy. Ooooo my belly. haha

Shirt-Topshop/ Marky


Shoes-Androgyne Manila

Accessories-Trendphile and Tomato

Super thanks for checking!

Photos by Lauren Montoro

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