Fashion Styling Final Presentation

By Marky - 6:36 AM

Hello! I'm finally done editing photos of our final presentation at SoFa. We presented the final outcome of our Fashion Editorial with Ms. Marina Benipayo with guest judge from Menshealth, Mr. JM Villanueva. It's the end of my favorite class every Saturdays. I'm gonna miss everyone especially the styling experience with awesome people. For this class, we had to interpret the color "Green" in any way and create a fashion editorial and I decided to do "7 Deadly Sins". check my previous post for the complete Fashion editorial photos. 

Here are some photos of my classmates presenting their editorial. Congratulations classmates! All great work. All for Fashion!!

Nicole Ty with her Ethereal editorial.

Ara Bactat and Steffi Behag with their Magical theme.

Kim Basilio with her Floral theme. I love her work. I love the styling as well as Ynah as her model. Good Job!! 

Elacto Sexual by Jorence Delimos, Clarisse Bioco and Maggie De Guia. 

Fantasy theme by John Karunungan

"The Green Eyed Sister" by Ynah Perez.

Clarisse and Jorence

Nicole and Jorence

Clarisse and Maggie

Ms. Marina and JM Villanueva

Thank you so much Ms. Marina for everything. From the basic techniques, styling experience from different stores, and sharing fashion expertise. Thank you. I appreciate all the chikahan every Saturdays. See you sooon-Philippine Fashion Week. Mwaaaaaah

 I will miss you all! Breakdown here. haha See you all in PFW! 

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