Work It!

By Marky - 6:13 AM

Work attire is one of the basic subjects in Fashion. Again Basics!
Hmmm. I can't think of anything to write along with this post. Actually, all photos were taken last Tuesday. And I'm kinda lazy to blog after what happened this past few days. haaay. I've been feeling so disappointing with some things so maybe...(sigh)

 Anyway, I was lucky to be contacted by one of the Fashion School in Makati, I wore this for the interview. However they told me that it'll be a phone interview. HAHAHA. Anyway I'm still lucky to be interviewed by them. I'm waiting for the next one,hmmm. Actually, It'll be on Monday. Please pray for me guys :) 

I love my old Blazer from Episode. Actually it's from my Mom. 'Di na kasya sa kanya eh. haha

Belt-Mura Dito

My new Celine inspired bag from Fashion Cravings

Funny Faces of my workmates!

Corene's Birthday Dinner Treat
John & Yoko, Greenbelt

Corene, The Birthday Girl. Thank you Bax! Love you!

Thanks for checking!

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