SuperSaleBazaar March 2013

By Marky - 6:53 PM

Yey! It's supersale again. hehe. The last time I went on Supersale was last May 2012. Ang tagal na diba. haha. I got my free ticket at Deal Dozen together with my Highschool friend Charisma. We went there on a fine saturday afternoon. Gosh! Ang init! Perfect time for me to shop. Bonus!!


Karl Leuterio of Golddot. Finally!

I love Golddot. I have 9 pairs from them. 

Tutum Shop
Where I got my Brenda Shoes before.

Anagon Collection

I love the necklaces. But not my style. :)

Elan Bijoux

I love this shop. Vintage Accessories. I got 1 Starbucks ring for only Php 50.00

SEWN Shoes

Making sukat the loafers, Sayang wala akong size :( 

Fashion Likes
3 for 1000 Singapore Perfumes

Charisma paying for her new black pants. 


GRRR. Wala akong size. It's only Php 1,200

Fashion Cravings

I got 2 bags from this shop. I love ate for giving me big discounts.

and We saw our SB friend Carmela with her Boyfie. hehe. Galing!

I can say that Shopping is the 2nd best medicine. Next to laughter :)
Top, Pants, Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Mango
Spikes & Chain Bracelets: Tomato

Dinner at ever favorite Bonchon, Mall of Asia

Paul, Charisma's Boyfie.

Unique Finds from Supersale Bazaar. Can't wait for another shopping experience.

I got 3 bags, 1 shoes, 1 Necklace, and A ring :)
Thanks for checking:)

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