Neon Effect

By Marky - 7:58 AM

Neon is once again a huge trend for Summer. If you're new in wearing neon like me, I have some suggestions to start small. If you have a lot of neutrals in your closet like Black, White, Tan, Navy, Bone etc. start wearing a neon scarf. To be honest, I'm not into Neon colors, ang lakas kasi makaitim but as a blogger I need to be versatile. anu daw? haha. We all want to show our unique and cute style wherever we go and now that summer is fast approaching, everyone's looking for their summer outfits. Neon is definitely the best tinge this season. 

A neon scarf is a perfect pop of color to a neutral outfit. New scarf from Human

I love my asymmetrical top from Oxygen. 

My high waist pants from Oxygen.

My new wolf bag from WeGarage. Check some cool tote bags. I got this for only Php 300.

Watch from Tomato
Accesories from Wear Mauve, Palawan, Boracay

My new Jiru platforms from Golddot

Neon Shoes have been seen everywhere lately worn by some celebrities and fashionistas. Some use them to add more brightness to their outfit to make it more interesting. Feeling a 6 footer again with this 2 inches platforms. :)

On our to way to Glorietta, Makati. Pamela will be singing for the worship event  in Makati. Yeeeees!

Miks & Pam

Kim & Lau

I really like this photo! Hype.

Carl, Ralph, and Miks

Haha. Yeeees Carl & Lau. Happy much?

Jhwen, Marge, Belle, Marky, Gelo, and Miks

Thanks for checking! Happy Weekend.

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