Walkway 2013

By Marky - 7:28 AM

When I was a kid, we do all things traditional during Holy Week. We were never type of family who goes to the beach, go out of the country, or party the long weekend away. We would stay at home and just enjoy our stay like to watch movies, bond with cousins and more. I first heard about walkway through my workmate Kim. I didn't give it much thought, until I saw Patty Laurel's post last 2012. Walkway is organized by Church Simplified, mounts its fifth installation this year. It's more interactive way of doing Stations of the Cross. It's my first time this year, we went last Wednesday with my workmates before going to Goodtimes. 

The most interesting, for me, was Station 8 where we asked to picked a prayer from someone and pray for them.

Prayer I got from a kid.

Visitors asked to hammer in the red strips of cloth, representing the sin onto the wooden cross.

Photos of Mothers

People that have touched my life.

Lauren. Kakulay ang Background. hehe

I congratulate Church Simplified for their wonderful presentation of the Stations of the Cross. It was interactive and relevant. It allowed people to experience the Stations in a way that you have never seen and experienced before.

It's not too late to visit Walkway at Bonifacio High Street. They will be there until Easter Sunday March 31, 2013. Thanks for checking. Have a Blessed Holy Week. 

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