It's Rust

By Marky - 8:17 AM

I was just discussing with my Mom yesterday how it's been busy and stressful at work. I really need a motivation. New tool to work on. (whew) Crushy please! haha. It didn't really feel like summer yesterday, it was a rainy Friday. I wore this outfit to work last day of the week, I really like wearing sweaters. I'm almost always indoors anyway but I easily get cold. Bilang ang payat ko. haha. I'm loving the's not orange. It's Rust. 


Sweater-Thrift Shop
Pants-Forever 21
Shoes-Forever 21

Without the necklace

My new necklace I got from Super Sale Bazaar. Piesa. Check the link for more handmade accessories.

Ring-Fudge Rock

When I go to work, I always like to wear simple and comfy outfit. Not only that, but I do love  listening to music too whenever I'm processing documents. Of course some of workmates are like singing, chatting etc. so I choose to use my new Urbanears earphone so only I can hear music. I really love the color matching with my sweater. 

Lunch out with my workmates at Bonchon, McKinley

Thanks Pam. Our Photographer. 

Ralph & Me. He's not my type ah. Faithful to C. haha

On our way to G4 to watch Admission (Tina Fey & Paul Rudd)

Dinner, My first time here. Mercato Centrale of Makati.

Ralph, Carl, and Marky

Pam & Miks

with my HS Friends, Corene and Jeff. :)

Thanks for checking!

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