Element of Surprise

By Marky - 5:57 AM

Hello. How are you all? After celebrating my 24th birthday, It has been the best birthday ever, I've been truly spoiled and spent it with the loads of my favorite people. Last night I celebrated my birthday with the whole family at Tagaytay, (I'll make a separate post on that). Now let me share my outfit last Friday. 

The shoes is a recent purchase from River Island. I hadn't come across the store before but when I happened upon it last last week it was one of those moments where you immediately sneak in your credit card and accept that something is going to get purchased. I really love my new shoes and I got it 25% off on their opening day in SM Aura. From Php 1700 + to Php 1300 only. This is one of my favorite shoes out of my 51 pairs. 

This top was one I spotted a couple of weeks ago in Forever 21 and I promised myself that I'd buy it after payday. Woooo! I know it's a very simple knitted shirt but it's so comfy. I got it for only Php815. 

I know that I overuse my black pants already. I don't care! HAHA. Black and Gold is one of my favorite combos. I got my gold accessories from Forever 21 and Tomato, 'very me' and I just love the way colors look perfect together. 

Sunnies-Forever 21
Necklace-Forever 21

Another Black and Gold item from Venetta. This bag is definitely one of the expensive bags I owned and one of my favorites. Classic bag is a perfect match to a glamorous ensemble. 

The whole look put together is very much of my comfort zone. Yes! I don't care wearing black on my birthday. I tend to stick to either glamorous or edgy style, or maybe a mix of the two. I love that I wear with such a glamorous and luxurious element to it. My favorite black and gold ensemble. Ootd photos by Pamela Pauline. Here are some birthday surprise photos last Friday in the office. 

I'm still processing the whole thing, through a mind that was recently completely blown. Yey! A surprise from my workmates, my favorite Macarons. hihi. And because that wasn't enough for them, they got my super duper lovey (I don't know what to call him. HAHA) to surprise me and to join us at lunch. 

Thank you Christian!

Thank you, Capital Structure-DAS

Macarons plus Scrapbook! Thank you sooo much, and to those who gave an effort to write on this cute scrapbook. Last day ko na ba? haha

My birthday lunch treat :)

Myssa and Carl

Pam and Lauren

Thank you again Capital Structure-DAS plus Christian. I love you all!

Marky, Mix, and Chris

House 2 celebration!

Thanks for checking.
Happy Birthday Marky!

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