How do you wear the most everyday piece in a not so everyday way?

By Marky - 5:06 AM

What a hell week for me! This is the most stressful week ever. Also, not in the mood to blog these past few days. So here's another late post-my outfit last November 22.

How do you wear the most everyday piece in a not so everyday way? A T-shirt on a Friday. I confess that styling the tees has often eluded me. It can feel like it's not pulled together or just lacking a wow factor. It's hard for me to mix and match white shirts since sometimes it's too plain and boring. I got this white shirt from Market Market and easily fell in love with the center design on it. Lovely shirt!  

Using a cardigan as a belt is a great way to emphasize shapes. Also, trendy much for this season. Cute shoes and colored bag go a long way towards pulling an outfit together, so i paired it with floral shoes from Sewn. 

Another overused item. My rucksack from Hongkong

Lovely art!

Shirt-Market Market

OOTD photos by Frans Dublin

My workmates Pamela and Frans celebrated their birthday at Music 21, Makati. Thank you girls! Here are the complete photos from my camera.

Gino and Lauren

Lauren, Grace, Ralph, and Gino

Pam and Lauren

Thank you girls!

Carl and Myssa

Thanks for checking! Goodnight

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