Easy Friday

By Marky - 6:12 AM

I love Fridays. Another day to dress up in the office. And Basics! It's back to basics once again, the neutral colors I loved-Gray and Black. I always wanted to be Minimalist, it ended up wearing simple sweater, gray pants, and eye catching shoes. Maybe some noticed that I love wearing sweaters, Overusing that style every friday. YES! because it's very cold in our office. 

Accessories from: 
Mura Dito

My Favorite wedge from Golddot

Lunch at HapChan, McKinley. Kalerks! So far from our office ah. 

Starbucks, McKinley with my workmates

Ralph,Kim, Mus, Pam, Kevin, Carl, Mix, and Lau

We will miss you Mustaphie! Goodluck.

Thanks for checking :) Happy weekend.

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