Food Trip: Binondo Manila

By Marky - 6:42 AM

I collect memories with my camera, I want to capture all the moments of my life that makes it so wonderful.  Now it's a food trip, Our destination was Binondo. What made me join this trip? Check the photos! :) 
My workmates planned a Binondo trip last year, And I think God has a plan kaya kung bakit 'di yun natuloy. hahaha

Thanks to our Tour Guide, Christian To. The Binondo Boy. hehe

Before our trip, Coffee time with Chris. I have 9 consecutive shots of this. Kalerkey!

Starbucks, SM Manila

Here are some tips before going to Binondo.
*Wear Comfy Clothes
*Bring a Camera
*Put sunblock
*Bring water
*Anti-Histamine hehe

Chris asking the pedicab driver to drive us to Binondo.

First timers. Karen & Miggy. Sosyal di nagjijeep ah!

When we finally reached Binondo, I felt like I'm in Hongkong. The houses, the arcs, the buildings,  the eateries, etc has Chinese lettering on them. It created an illusion to me that I'm not in the Philippines. Start of our tour here at "Arch of Goodwall". 

Our Tour Guide Chris, took us around Binondo one good Saturday afternoon-February 2, 2013. My first here and hopefully not my last. 

Miggy & Kath

First Stop: David's Tea House. Shopping for our baon. Siomai and Siopao. I only bought Pork Siomai. 

Lauren & Marky

2nd Stop

Karen, Pam, Lau, & Marky

Fresh Lumpia. This was my favorite. I really don't like eating vegetables but if you will serve this one.Go!
9 out of 10

3rd Stop

Maki-Me. Hmmm, It's okay but not my favorite. :)
6 out of 10

4th Stop

Fried Siopao. I love this photo...with Karen & Mike

Lau's enjoying the Fried Siopao. I thought the whole Siopao was fried. hehe. 
8 out of 10

5th Stop

Guess the soup? haha. A Turtle Soup. I still can't believe that I ate turtle. Kalerkey. 
5 out of 10

Pam's enjoying the Turtle. Simot na simot niya!

Christian, Marky, Fred, & Mara

6th Stop
Grocery Time. I just bought a Loacker Biscuits. Cheaper than Ayala & SM Malls. :)

7th Stop

Hala! Nakakatawa 'to

Pigeon. Another First! It taste like a native chicken. Not my favorite but I loved the place. 
5 out of 10

8th Stop: Masuki

Christian ordering with the Super Big Menu.

SIOOOOMAAAI! First time to see a big Siomai.
8 out of 10

9th Stop: Wai-Ying

Chicken Feet, Fried Dumplings, Acao, Siomai, Century egg siomai

Chicken Feet & Fried Dumplings
8 ot of 10

Century Egg Siomai
8 out of 10

Acao. I can't eat this. Shrimp kasi eh.

10th Stop
Christian teaching us. Another first. I wish and pray for something... Alam na ni Lord yun. :)

11 Stop: Eng Bee Tin
I bought 2 Custard Hopia. Masarap!

12 Stop: Cafe Mezzanine
Unfortunately, My Camera got empty battery, so I wasn't able to capture some moments in Cafe Mezzanine especially the fortune cookie I got...and He got. HAHA

13 Stop: Lucky China Town

The whole trip was so amazing. I soooo loved that day. Perfect! Thank you Lord.
Thank you Christian for being our tour guide. Job well done, I enjoyed every moment of this walking tour. 

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