Valentines Day 2013

By Marky - 7:02 AM

      Oh It's Valentines Day! Time to share romance with your family, friends, and someone special. Today is the time to remind them why they're so special. Kilig moments! Kalerkey! I wasn't able to give someone today a very special gift- a very special to my heart. naks! (lagi kasing busy eh!) Actually, I was never a fan of Valentines day, not because I'm single, I tend to just treat this as a usual day. We can always show and share love everyday blah blah blah. haha  Flowers and Chocolates are the universal gifts for this occasion -So instead of wearing something red, I chose this denim top with floral details on sleeves, same top I wore last Palawan trip. 

I super love the details on my sleeves.

Top-Folded & Hung
Random Accessories
Shoes-Forever 21

Special thanks to Pamela Pauline for always taking good photos of me.

Since it's Valentines, We celebrate the day at The Sicilian, McKinley with our SCM Roel :)

Pam and Marky

Pam, Marky & Lauren

We miss you Irah!

Kim & Kevin

Lauren & Gail

"Jiajia! Why are making agaw my Ralph??" lol

Miya, Ben, Ralph, Gail, Jiajia, Roel, Lau, Niza, Kim, & Irah

Oooooh! Fettuccine Cheese 

Kevin, American our Japanese FLA wearing Barong. Ohhh diba!

Beautiful art at Sol Gelato

Free Candy hearts and Letters at the office. Weeeee. 

Lauren & Niza wearing Maxi high low dress.

Girls of Ralph Ocampo! tsk.

My seatmate Kimster, and her favorite look. haha. Hmm. I saw something..someone.. HAHA (guess!)

Abigail & Bem :)

Here's my letter to someone very special. Yesss! haha. I just want to thank Him. I don't know if its love already but one thing is for sure He's very special. 

Valentines Dinner with parents. I have the sweetest parents, hindi ko na-feel na single ako ngayong Valentines. Super sweet of them.

Marky and my Papa

Favorite Lechon Macau :)

My Mama na super arte like me. haha

Cute! Free movie at Market Market. Now showing: Breakfast at Tiffany's

I love the miniature gowns at Textile corner, Market Market

Skin 101. Free facial from my Papa. haha

New top from Mama. Birthday ko ba? haha

Thanks for checking. Happiness 

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