18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

By Marky - 5:10 AM

      From Thursday to Sunday, February 21-24, Hot Air Balloons, Helicopters, Kites, Skydivers, Paragliders, and Jets take to the sky for the 18th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. The event was held in Clark, Pampanga. We avail Explore Island package for 850 each and we hit Trinoma before 3am. 

          Gosh! Dapat di na ako sasama bilang masama pa rin ang loob ko nun (hanggang ngayon) sa mga bagay na di katanggap-tanggap. But I woke at exactly 1:30 am, so I decided to join them na lang. We went there on a sunday, last day of the event, and we arrived on the field just in time before sunrise. 

Ooohhh. Mini Hot Air Balloon. It's 250 each

Angel, my friend from Telus. Good thing, Pam invited her. Miss you Bax!

Marlo & Kim. The Lovebirds. Kalerks. Namiss ko tuloy si..haha


Angel, Belle, Pam, and Marky

Hello Hello, So here's the outfit post.
I made sure I'm wearing something comfy for the event. I used my scarf for the chilly morning, giving  enough warmth and to add style to my outfit. I'm also wearing the top that my Mom gave to me last Valentines. 

Inner top-Androgyne Manila
Cover up- Topman
Scarf-Tops & Bottoms

Accessories from NAVA and Tomato

Shoes from Wade

Lau & Miks

Hari ng Camera. haha. His ootd. 

Amazing show! Breathtaking. 

Kalerks. I saw my Highschool friend-Armaine. :)

Lunch at SM Clark

The Mall has a cute name. Marquee-Marky Mall. :)

Dinner at Bonchon, Trinoma. I look like so guy here. haha

My new fave. Spicy Fish and chips. 

Thanks for checking

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