Markedshop: Year End Blog Sale

By Marky - 6:34 AM

Hello. Another closet sale from MarkedShop. If you want something or need to inquire, check the items at Instagram: markedshop. If you want the item comment "RESERVE" and it'll be considered as sold. Text/ Viber 09173104193. Please include the number of item/s. 

1. Meet up points Central Square/ Jupiter St/ Estancia Mall

2. No shipment

3. For items below 50 pesos. Minimum of 3 Items

4. If you need photo of items when worn, Just ask.

5. In every P500 purchase, you will get 1 free item of your choice.

I. Accesories- All 50 pesos each

Cotton On

Trendphile Manila


Androgyne Manila


II. Bags. Tote Bag-60 each / 3 pcs for 150 pesos only

III. Bags from HK. All 120 pesos each

IV. Sweaters & Jackets. All 100 pesos each

Forever 21. Fits S-L (For Women)

Oxygen. Size L. Fits S-L

MYX. Size L. Fits S (For Men)

Oxygen. Fits S-L 

Forever 21. Fits S-L (For Women)

Forever 21. Fits S-L

Crivi. Size L (For Men)

Gap. Fits S-L

MYX. Fits S (for Men)

RRJ. No zipper. Fits S-L

Blazer. Fits M-L
V. Pants/ Trousers

SM Youth. Size 28 (for Men)

SM Youth. Size 28 (for Men)

Oxygen. Size 28 (For Men)

Mango super skinny jeans. Size 2 (For women)

Zara trousers. Size 27 (for women)

Forever 21. Size 27 (for women)

Oxygen straight cut jeans. Size 28 (for men)

VI. Shirts. All 50 pesos each

VII. Tops/ Shirts. All 100 pesos each

Oxygen. Fits S-L (for women)

Bench. Size M

Pierre Marie. Fits S-M. (for women)

Forever 21 high low top. Fits S-L

HK Polo shirt

Forever 21. Fits S-L

Paradox high low top. Fits M-L

Folded & Hung. Fits S-L

Thanks for viewing!

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