Party at Aruga by Rockwell

By Marky - 4:42 AM



Last December 5, we were able to get a glimpse of the full 'Aruga' experience at Aruga by Rockwell and after one magical night, we didn't want to leave the beautiful place. The Aruga apartment units are fully furnished and has an contemporary style. The interiors and furniture are comfortable and well designed. 



When we saw how spacious and complete the room was, I knew I had to convince my Factset friends that this was the best place to have our Christmas party. Perfect! We had an amazing stay. We stayed up all night catching up, exchanging gifts, and playing. Hotel staycations with your friends are just the best and I'm happy we did ours here in Aruga.

Carl & Myssa

Ralph & Marky

Carl, Myssa, Frans, & Ralph

Hello again, Mia :)

Wearing Old Navy and Massimo Dutti pieces. 

Thanks for viewing!

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