Walkway 2014

By Marky - 6:45 AM

Hello! Good Evening. Finally, I will be able to to share with you now our Walkway 2014 experience. I went last April 15 with my girl workmates Myssa, Pamela, Lauren, and Grace. It's the 6th installment this year at the Bonifacio High Street, the Stations of the Cross presented by Church Simplified. The story is still the same, telling the journey that Jesus led during his Passion,Crucifixion, and Ressurrection. 

The 14 stations are Peter, Judas, Caiaphas, Pilate, The Torture Guard, The Mob, Simon of Cyrene, The Centurion, Mary, The thief, The Darkness, Mary Magdalene, and Peter. Some stations are similar or like ones from previous years, but there are also surprises for this year. See pictures photographed by Pamela.

Walkway is for everybody, regardless of religion. I think many Catholics like me come and made Walkway part of their Visita Iglesia. True to its interactive nature, different props and settings will make people participate at the stations. To fully experience Walkway, we participate as much as possible in each activity per station.

Grace, Myssa, Lauren, and Marky.

This is my favorite part! And I wrote my wishes for this year... 

Here's what I wore on that day. Wearing a Memo polo I got years ago. A black sweater and Pants from Forever 21. Bag from Via Venetto. My favorite "tiis ganda" shoes from River Island and Casio & H&M Accessories.

People who touched my life. My Mom, my Dad, and my true friends. I wrote his name last year and decided not to include him this year since I'm still in pain. I think I'm still not ready. 

Pamela. Thank you for the photos. 

Dinner at IHop with some of my colleagues. 

That's all! Thanks for viewing. 

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