Boracay 2014 Day 4

By Marky - 2:47 AM

PHOTO DIARY- "I will come back to Boracay", that's the promise I told myself last 2012. And I'm happy now that it really happened. I so love this trip with my super friends at work. On our 4th day, We woke up late and missed our free breakfast. So after preparing and all, we went straight to D' Talipapa to enjoy seafood one more time. I really can't think of anything to describe my day 4 in the island. 

Carl, Myssa, Frans

Marky, Lauren, Ralph

Pasalubong for my workmates.

Loco Frio.

Boracay. Beautiful sunset, white-sand beach and crazy parties. For many, it's the ultimate summer destination. Boracay never fails to amaze me, and that's why thousands of tourists from around the globe declared it as one of the world's best beaches. That alone is a good reason to give this destination a try. 

Dinner at Jonah's Fruitshake. 

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