Boracay 2014 Day 5

By Marky - 2:48 AM

PHOTO DIARY- Finally, I've managed to find time to blog about my Boracay trip day 5. Honestly, I had a second thoughts of skipping this one since there are only few photos. But that would be a terribly decision. It was our last day (April 7), and we made the most of it by waking up early and take pictures.

 I’m very happy to have accomplished another task in my bucket list this year, and that is, to take a swim at one of the world’s best islands with super friends. 

Beach Hut smoothie with free refill. Love it!

Lunch at Valhalla Cafe and ordered Christian Meatballs.

Beach hut tumblers from Lau and Me.

We were all happy to be together, on vacation, and on a beautiful island. It was truly the most awesome vacation with friends i've ever had. Thank you Frans, Lau, Ralph, Carl, and Myssa :)

I will miss Boracay! I have plans to go back next year on my birthday with my family. Thanks for viewing!

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