Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Day 4

By Marky - 6:57 AM

Finally I'm done with this post, it took me 2 weeks to publish this. It's a fully loaded Saturday! We handled 4 shows-3 with the designers and for Penshoppe.  I'll make a separate post on Penshoppe's new collection. Outstanding fashion designers showcased their great collections on the runway. Here are some photos from my camera during the fashion week day 4. 

Here are my favorite pieces from different designers.

Anthony Ramirez-I really love his collection. I love the cut out details of every piece. These designs are ready for a red carpet party with minimalist and sexy design. I'm loving the sheer elements and graphic lines.

Chris Jasler-Chris is known on his denim smart casual design. He used jeans and shirt layered by formal pieces like polos and jackets. With mighty colors and metallic touches, i'm sure a lot of denim lovers like the whole collection. 

Lizanne Cua- From vibrant gold, fire orange, aqua blue, and deep red tones to the neutral bronze, silver and gray hues, she takes the inspiration from classical mythology Sibylline Oracles. I think minimalist women would love the collection. There is something about the collection that makes a girl go wild. 

Melchor Guinto- I love the refreshing colors of this collection, i'ts very perfect for summer 2014. They're all wearing bakya. So nice and new for me.

Randall Solomon-Floradise, his collection is inspired with paradise of flora and fauna. He brought vibrant yet stylish and classic feel in dresses, wide leg pants, gowns, and suits. And my mentor from SoFa, Ms. Marina was also part of the show.

The second show of the day brought more breathtaking looks. 6 designers presented their fiercest collection in the Visions and Trends collection while 7 showed their Ready to wear collection. 

Bo Parcon-Edgy, all I can say on this collection. He showed us how to be stylish in his mysterious all black collection. 

Jackie Penalosa-I love that she used local fabric like Pina Abaca. She combined this with unique linen, preserving the unique qualities of the local material, perfect look for the modern filipina. 

Oz Go- The ombre tones and structured cuts are my favorite on this collection. I really love the first photo on the collage. Palazzo pants are my favorite!

Happy Andrada- Happy collection by Happy Andrada. A fresh and cute mashed up of pastel colors tied up in bows and tailored in elegant silhouettes. I love their shoes, oxfords with neon spikes. 

Santi Obcena- Watching his collection is like watching the finale of Project Runway Philippines. I really like how he showed some edgy pieces on his collection. I love it.

Xernan Orticio-Cohesive and Clean. Those are the words that describe this collection. His collection is inspired by Origami, Japanese art of paper of folding.

Ready to Wear Collection started by Alodia Cecilia. Comfy is all about the collection. Cecilia plays with bright colors, very perfect for summer next year.

Arnold Galang- I love that he used strappy sandals with white and gold ensemble. 

John Guarnes- Tribal prints plus yellow. Eye catching collection from Guarnes. 

Jian Lasala- He plays with bright colors in his collection. But i don't think it's suitabe for summer. haha. The coats are so nice but not for summer. 

Richie Bondoc- Sporty on all white collection. I love the sheer details! I love how he combined being sporty and edgy. 

Yako Reyes- I love how he transformed baseball cap to a high fashion cap. Hmmm, I like it, can I have one, Yako? haha

EsAc by AudieAE- Hmmmm. i love the hats. :)

Creamsilk presents the Luxewear collection by 15 designers. Here are some photos my Meg. Check their complete post here

Jerome Salaya Ang

Chris Diaz

Delby Bragais

Lyle Ibanez

Martin Baustista

Richard Papa

Roland Lirio

Ronald Mendoza

Ronaldo Arnaldo

Russell Villafuerte

Sidney Perez Sio

Simon Ariel Vasquez

Tina Daniac

Vania Ramoff

Veejay Floresca

Yvonne Quisimbing

Thanks for checking. Photos from Stylebible and Meg. 

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