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All I can say now is I love this day, I don't know exactly why but it's something about 'perfection'. haha. I'm back to chic formal outfit post. This is what I wore today in the office. Grabe! I'm not yet done editing and sorting Ocean Park Hongkong photos. Mas nauna pa 'to. haha.. I hope I can post my travel diary tomorrow. 

I super love my necklace and top. Necklace is from Oxygen, top with floral sleeves from F&H. Lovely!

 Hello new bag! This is one of the 6 bags I bought from Hongkong. I super love the studded details on the side. There are no rules this time, you can combine these edgy bags to chic outfits or anything or any pattern you want. 

I love my new watch from Casio which I got from our Hongkong trip. Super simple yet elegant. I love the Black and Gold details. 

Our new RA, Myssa

I love this photo! Making bugaw the birds. hahaha

Surprise! Happy Birthday Lau!

Thank you Lau! Yummy lunch with workmates and Sam. Thank you Sam! Super!

Our personalized gift for Lau c/of Marky and Cap-DAS. hehe

Another Surprise! Ganda ni Girl. hahaha

Marky and Samuel
OOTD photos by: Pamela Pauline
Thanks for checking! Goodnight.

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