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By Marky - 7:34 AM

While I'm still editing my Macau photos, let me share you what I wore last August 31 in school. Sunny days are so back here in Manila. On a one hot Saturday, I stick with a cozy outfit-simple long sleeves matched with shorts and my Supra. This is one of my favorites, very comfy!
Studying Fashion in SoFa makes me a happy boy, you can be free of wearing anything you want. All in all SoFa is love. This place is incredible and inspiring and I get to do what I really want. Hardwork and passion, as you will learn at SoFa, is the key to your success. 

Happy new year! haha. Polkadots are so cute! Top from BeU.

I love this rucksack from Hongkong. The last time I used a backpack is when I was in highschool. Super tagal na. haha. I don't like wearing one before (college) since ang daming magnanakaw sa Manila. 

Supraaaaa! I just notice that it's terno to my top. hehehe

OOTD Feature: Ynah Perez

I love the color combination! We are so terno. hehe

Lovely photo! Pleats. 

The Queen of AvantGarde-Jorenz. Huwooooow!

Ynah, Jorenz, and Kim

Finally, I got my school ID..and my not so formal photo :)

Ynah and Marky

Richard reporting about Louis Vuitton. Sosyal!

Thank you so much Ms. Marina for this token of appreciation. I love Cetaphil!

Merienda after lunch at Pepper Lunch

Macarons are my favorite. These are from Bizu. Yummy!

The Bad and the Good. hahaha. 

Kim and Marky

The rich and the poor. hahahaha

 I'm finishing my backlogs and I still have 3 to post here. whew! I really need a very fast internet connection since i'm only using Thanks for checking! Mwaaaah


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