Hongkong 2013: Ocean Park

By Marky - 8:08 AM

PHOTO DIARY-Finally! I'm done editing our Ocean Park experience, it took me 3 days to edit 70 plus photos. Grabey! hehe. Ocean park is the best theme park that I've been to so far, next is Enchanted Kingdom. Fun rides with fun people! Let me share you now my Ocean park adventure. 

We had our lunch at Can.Teen

This one costs HKD23.00 

We have no choice but to commute. Grabey pa naman ang init! Good thing there are a lot of buses in the city. We were able to rode a 2 floor bus again. Weeee. hehe

Hello Ocean Park Hongkong!

Super nice art!

Ocean Park HK have 2 parts. The first were the entrance is located and the kiddie rides, attractions, etc. We have to ride a cable car or train to reach another part of the park. 

Finally, after 45 minutes waiting. 

Beautiful view from cable car.

Super nice! public beach of Hongkong

My favorite would be the Hair raiser! Grabe ang sigaw ko na feeling ko ihahagis ako sa bangin. hahaha

Hello there!

Sea lion :)

Super cute but no so affordable souvenir items. 

No photos from inside :( More like white pomeranian puppies. hehe

My first time to see Penguins! Super cute. Gooosh. 

The Flash!

HKD100 per game. Super big prizes. Congratulations baby boy! hehe

Ocean park tower

Rio Grande of Ocean park

Good thing I have umbrella! Kaloka!

My 2nd favorite ride, Mine Train

We rode the train express which enters the mountain going back to exit the park. Super cool!

Weeee. Pandas. Super cute like my workmate Miggy. hehehe

Grand Aquarium

Super fun experience. Hope to get back and visit again this wonderful park with another batch of friends or family.

After Ocean Park, we went to Times Sqaure and Mongkok for shopping. 1st day of shopping. 

Kainis! They don't have size 40. Super sad.


Thanks for checking!

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