CSR: Tondo Outreach

By Marky - 5:25 AM

Finally I was able to join the CSR team last saturday. I'm a first timer! So I had this weird feeling, the excitement and being nervous at the same time. I was told there would be a feeding program for children sponsored by my company and some church people from Manila. Excited :)


Early Birds. Me and Pamela

When we arrived, I was surprised because of something, hmmmm someone. #crushy. Anyway, I was surprised to see a lot of children gathered outside the church house sitting and waiting for us. Nakakalerkey, ang dami nila. I was so emotional seeing lots of children holding a bowl waiting for their merienda. Most of them are barefoot and dirty. Nakakaawa but at the same time nakakatuwa sila. We had a mini play titled Alamat ng Pinya before distributing the food. 

with Fara, Christian, Raymond, Dan, and Corene.


Giving Milk with Christian. Bakit hindi ako nakatingin?

Christian giving Champorado :)

It was really depressing to see them experiencing poverty and hungry. I'm sure this kind of situation is happening all over the Philippines. Government ehem ehem!.

I love this photo. I don't know why...

It was such a great experience, I'll definitely join the next community outreach. Lalalalala. Super Happy Saturday.

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