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Time really flies! It's been so long since the last time we saw Mia (our former Team Leader). And last Friday we got a chance to see her again. haha. I'm super excited to meet Mia, she's not just my former TL but also a friend.  Na-miss ko ang kulitan with Mia with the boys of AM shift. I missed the sabaw moments, the asaran, the corny jokes, and happy moments with our bentang hirits

So here are some photos from last night's bonding.

from the office. Super Excited people from AM. 

On our way to Trinoma with Miggy's Subaru STI. Sosyal! haha

Complete first batch of AM RAs with Mia and Reg. We Missed them both. Kalerkey! I was so happy to see them again. Two of my favorite people in Factset. 

Reg enjoying the Lollipop from Mia. Love your curly hair Regine :)

Chikahan Moments! Thanks Pam for the photos. hehe

Happy Moments!

After our Chikahan, we had our merienda at Bigoli. 

Red Box time! 

"Feeling ko may Adams Apple na ako," Reg. hahaha. Super funny! 

Birit Moments! haha. 

Ralph: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there?
Ralph: Gong Cha
Me: Gong Cha what?
Ralph: (singing) Gong Cha wish your Girlfriend was hot like me. 
Me: NR

Dinner. I'm not a loser na. haha. This was my first time to eat at Bonchon. 

I just want to share my new accessories from Tomato. It costs php 320.00 only. 

Floral Top-Androgynemanila
Wide Leg Pants- MEG
Accessories- Tomato
Watch- Tomato

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