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By Marky - 6:22 AM

Another quarter has passed, time to give some recognition. The awards recognized individual hard work, dedication, and personal achievements. Congratulations to all the winners. Keep it up. 

Here are the winners:

Best FLA (Financial Language Analyst)
Best RA (Research Analyst)
Ed Award (Quality Control Associate)
Web Source Manager Master
Best FLA newbie
Best RA Newbie
Mr. Congeniality
Ms. Congeniality
The Joker
Proton Award

Merienda treat after the awarding. I personally like the chicken from Chicken Charlie, so crispy & malasa. haha. Pizzas from Big Guy's Pizza and Pizza Niro. Super Big! haha

While waiting. Me, Pam, Lau, and Kim

JiaJia, Chloe, and Abi

Power Rangers?
Benny, Mussy, Mixy, Carly, & Ralphy

New found friends Lau & Kim. Weee.

The Lovers. Kalerkey!

Fred & Mara

Miggy & Kath

Mike & Karen

The exciting part on writing a blog is sharing your outfit. Another cold weather here in Taguig, the reason why I just used this colorful top I saw on my Mom's closet. Haha. Yeah, on my Mom's closet. She said she bought it in Baguio long years ago.

Quick photoshoot with Pam at Venice Piazza, McKinley.
Thank you Bax

Top-Mom's Closet
Accessories-Nava & Tomato

Thanks :)

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