Navy x My Birthday 2014

By Marky - 8:10 AM

First, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time out to wish me and make my birthday special, everyone of you, Thank You! Moving on to the birthday outfit, I purchased my first Old Navy polo and I can not stop loving the item. I really love the navy color with the brown buttons. I have been on the easy dressing and minimal styling lately, but every now and then I like to accessorize myself- maybe a little addition. I love wearing this eyeglasses I got from Binondo. Very classy!  

The past couple of months has definitely been one of the busiest I've had so far this year. My life has been a series of drama, issues, projects, one after the other, alongside a full time job, all while trying to keep my blog updated. Whew!

Another addition to my collection, My new Illustrados shoes. I saw this on Instagram and immediately went to Sundance bazzaar and I was like YES! I just had to have it. It's super comfy and nice, not to mention that its made of genuine leather. Perfect for my birthday outfit.

What I'm wearing: Eyeglasses (Binondo), Longsleeves (Old Navy), Belt (Uniqlo), Jeans (Uniqlo), Shoes (The Illustrados), Bag (Lacoste), Watch (Casio)

Here are the photos last December 15 with my officemates. Had our Christmas exchange gift and I got my new keychain from H&M. Thanks Abby! Thank you so much guys for making it more special. 

Janet and Jessie

Badette and Janet

Jenny and Badette

Jenny and Mickey

Mickey and Jen

Jen and Jacky

Lui and Jacky

Jaimie and Lui

Jade and Jaimie

Jade and El

El and Katy

Katy and Anna

Anna and Jessie

Char and Marky

Char and Abby

Marky and Abby

Here are the photos from Pottery Barn store. Thank you all. 

Dinner with my family at Niu by Vikings. 

Thanks for viewing. Good night!

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