Gray x Birthday with Girlfriends

By Marky - 1:15 AM

One of the best ways celebrate my 25th birthday is to grab my best girl friends and celebrate it on my favorite restaurant. Last December 14, I've gathered all my favorite girls to celebrate with me at Early Bird Breakfast in Taguig City. I miss you all girls, thank you so much for coming on my simple dinner treat. Before the birthday photos, Let me share first my outfit that night. Wearing my first ever Springfield sweater I got from their last employee sale. Sorry for the quality of the ootd photos :)

When it comes to a gray sweater, you could easily pair it with some skinny jeans and call it a day. Decided to wear something very comfy as I had an event in Pottery Barn last December 14. Gray sweaters are very perfect on booties. Also wearing my favorite cut out boots from Forever 21. 

What I'm Wearing: Sweater (Springfield), Pants (Oxygen), Boots (Forever 21), Bag (Hongkong), Socks (Burlington)

Here are the photos from my birthday celebration in Early Bird Breakfast:

Thank you for the surprise Red velvet cake from Slice.

Birthday cake from Early Bird!

Adobo Sunrise!

My SB friends!

Factset Friends.

Thank you all for coming. I love you girls! See you again soon.


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