Nagsasa Cove Day 1 + 2 hours Trekking

By Marky - 11:22 PM

PHOTO DIARY- Hello! Good Afternoon everyone. Finally, I can share you now our Nagsasa Cove day 1 adventure. My friend Charisma and I were talking about our travel list one day, because we wanted to go out of town this summer. She mentioned about going to the beach during this hot season. I was up for anything that can be done on a weekend since I don't have enough vacation leaves. We agreed on going on semi-biglaan beach getaway to Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. Charisma managed to come up with an itinerary in less than a week and gave us a contact person in Pundaquit- Kuya Kulot. The plan was to take a bus from Pasay to Iba and then tricycle ride to Pundaquit, Zambales. From there, we would taking a 45 minute boat ride to Nagsasa Cove. 

My Highschool friends. Angeli, Kayrel, Luke, Paul, and Charisma.

The ticket from Manila to Iba costs Php 280 and took us around 4 hours to get there. We arrived at San Antonio at around 4:00 am. Grabey! We headed to the market to buy food and other things we would be needing in our camp site then headed to Pundaquit island via 15 minute tricycle ride.

We met up with Mang Kulot, our contact in Pundaquit and he let us rent some cooking utensils and our so-called 'Ref' for our drinks and viands. Thank you also to our awesome bangkeros.

We chose Nagsasa Cove despite the fact that it's twice the distance from Pundaquit because there were less people than Anawangin Cove. 

When we got there, we chose first a good nipa hut where we could leave our stuff, eat our meals, and cook our food. My girlfriends Kayrel and Charisma took care of the food. 

Setting up Kay's tent. It took us an hour! Jusko. hahaha

Our campsite for the weekend. Yey!

Luke and Paul.

Kayrel and Angel.

Finally, Lunchtime! Actually it's Brunch. 

Swimming time.

Nagsasa Cove large lake was just short walk from our camp site, to the right of the cove if you're facing the sea. But I chose not to swim there. HAHA. 

Here's the start of our 2 hour trekking with our tour guide, Vincent. 

Our dinner. Grilled Liempo, Chicken, and Dynamite. 

After dinner we played Wheel of Drinking. HAHAHA. Sobrang enjoy!

Thanks viewing! Nagsasa Cove adventure Day 2 coming up. 

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