Turtleneck story

By Marky - 9:08 PM

I don’t usually go with turtlenecks because of a childhood trauma I had wearing them. My mom used to dress me in wool turtlenecks that would make my neck itch and nakakasakal haha— not the comfiest look. It was sure my least favorite thing to wear, and it caused numerous arguments between my mom and I. It was then when I thought to myself, when I have the choice to pick what I’d wear, I’ll never wear turtlenecks.
But now, it’s a yes for turtlenecks. I love this new Uniqlo top I got weeks ago. The recent come back of turtlenecks on the menswear runway also influenced me to give it another try. Also, the perfect chilly weather here in Manila makes me think to buy more.
What I’m wearing: Uniqlo heattech turtleneck, Uniqlo shirt, H&M pants, Pull & Bear loafers, Uniqlo long outerwear, Shopatblair sunnies, Kenneth Cole bag, Aldo watch

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