Don't take my sunshine away

By Marky - 4:23 AM

I shot this last week JUST right before the rain started pouring. If you look at the photo closely, you will see the rain drops a bit in the shot. It was a short shoot with my mom as the rain were becoming more vicious every second and I don’t want my phone to have any water damage or anything — can’t afford for that to happen.

I have been very obsessed with my new slip on shoes I recently purchased on sale at Bershka. I don’t think I own a lot of pastel shoes in my wardrobe so it’s a very good investment. It’s also light to be worn this season and enough to use for next season-Summer.

What I'm wearing: Shirt from Nava, Uniqlo jogger pants, Bershka slip on, Burberry watch, Tote bag from WeGarage

I’m also wearing one of my most favorite shirt I got from Nava. All my shirts are too big and I often just alter them myself but the arm hole will always be a problem. I’ve find a way to work around it but to still have a shirt that fits perfectly is awesome!
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