Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary x Baguio Day 2

By Marky - 7:26 AM

Not known to many, even I, just heard about it for the first time (by Monchit) that an ecological sanctuary exists in Baguio City for more than a decade now. Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, opened in 1999, presents a cosmic journey inside the shelter for visitors to be aware of the story on how the Universe came to life. Ang saya parang field trip nung high school. Haha.
If you are looking for a reflective stroll with nature, walking around the Ecological sanctuary is definitely something that you should do. Not only would you be able to “find yourself” through reflection and deep thinking but you will also appreciate your mission on earth as steward of God’s creation.
Entrance fee of Php 50 needs to be settled at their office before the cosmic journey. The garden is open from 8AM to 4PM during Tuesdays to Sundays. After settling the fee, the guard on duty directed us on the entrance to the sanctuary located on the far right of the main building. It was after lunch when we started the trek. The moment we started the journey, we felt the serenity of the entire place. These moments are unusual and hard to find and I really enjoyed it throughout our journey on the sanctuary.

Here you can see an ancient cave where displays of old coffin and some artifacts. You can also see and walk on an overhanging bridge. There is sort of a Stonehenge also. Check my jump shot above. Hehe. There are also displays about different kinds of religions. And many more.

We had our lunch at Forest House. Next stop is Diplomat Hotel.

Here are some photos from Diplomat Hotel. One of the famous ruins of Baguio is the Diplomat Hotel which is located in Dominican Hill. From Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary, we went staright to Diplomat Hotel. Thanks to GrabTaxi. haha.

Dinner at Ketchup Community. Best Bagnet ever at Rancho. Sadly, some restaurants were already close when we arrived there.

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